WowApp – the Power of the matrix

Do you think, that the Matrix is real? Yes it is!

This is the Power of the Matrix

To understand how a matrix works, you have to find somethink you know. For example the school.

A school has a Leadership, some Teachers and lot of children.

The Matrix is simple: One Leadership, 10 Teachers, maybe 200 children.

If you try to see the Matrix, you have

Level 1 = 1 Person

Level 2 = 10 Persons

Level 3 = 200 Persons

So, for each Teacher are 20 children “in the downline”

Everthink in this world works as a matrix system. The School, the churches, the goverment, the military,… you see: There is nothing special to a matrix system.

How does the Power of the Matrix work?

So remember:

It´s much better to get 1% of the work of 100 people and have 100%

– as it is to get 100% of the work you do on your own!


So if you get ill, – not all of the 100 people will get ill, too.

The matrix works even if you stop working – you can´t even stop the matrix from working!

So you will invite for example 5 people into the network. 2 of them are just using the WowApp, but don´t tell anybody about it. They will get only a little piece of the cake. 2 people you brought in will refer 2 other people an they will tell 4 people (2 times 2) and so on and so on. But you find one! friend, who understands clearly the power of the matrix – even more than YOU! 😉

So he goes out and brings in 4 people, 5, people, 6 people to WowApp. The Matrix will rise and get bigger for you – even if you stop doing anything. Wow App! Thats WowApp!

But it´s clever and very smart to tell as many people as you know about the app, because you never know how they will do the job. Maybe they start later to invite, maybe they invite only one person: but “the one and only” person – with many contacts. So the Power of the WowApp Matrix can unfold better for you, as the more people get to WowApp with you invitation.

But here is a example on your network if you start inviting 2, 3 or 4 new users:

This is why it is important to invite as many friends as you can to WowApp:

Level You invite 2 Friends to WowApp Messenger
You invite 3 Friends to WowApp Messenger
You invite 4 friends to WowApp Messenger
1 2 3 4
2 4 9 16
3 8 27 64
4 16 81 256
5 32 243 1024
6 64 729 4096
7 128 2187 16.384
8 ~ over 250 new

WowApp Members

~ over 6000 new

WowApp Members

~ over 65000 new

WowApp Members


Thats the Power of the Matrix. But remember, that the matrix can be only YOU – if you do not invite anybody – no matrix can be build. That´s a fact. So at least try to get 10 people into the first Level of your matrix. As more you invite, as more will join wowapp for free.

– Always invite the new friends by using your own ID!

– User all the tools to invite on facebook, twitter and google+ and more…

– You can find it all in Your Account Details.

– Set up your personel page and invite all of your friends to WowApp.

What can I earn with WowApp?

So you have a Matrix with 6000 people or more? – Maybe it will take you some time – a few weeks or month. But if the network is build

Try to calculate like this: Maybe you get 0,1 ct per person. 6000 x 0,1ct = 600 ct = 6 Euro/USD *

Use the Power of a big network. User the Matrix of 4, 5 or 6 people in the first line!!

Get at least the green feather or try to get the red one. The bigger the network, the more you will earn!
wowapp banner

*(cent is cent – the calculation is the same if you use euro or usd – it´s only an example)

All this examples are “maybe” situations. You can have a different downline even, if you invite more or less people. I can not tell you, how much you will earn. It´s up to YOU!