WowApp – Earnings on the map

At least, the error in the statistic on the wowapp world map is fixed!

Up to now the wowapp earnings were shown behind the land of your registration. This is not as bad as it sounds, because it does not affect the earnings, but you couldn´t see how the activity was. WowApp has now fixed this issue and you can see now how much you earned by each country seperatly.

This is a good function where you can see the activity growing in each country and you have a focus on the aereas that need your assistence. You get payed for watching the ads in the wowapp and when you refer friends, you will get paid as well. Now you have an good overview on what is going on inside your network.

As you see, i had only one registration from nigeria and I thought there were no activity yet. But it´s not the truth. There wowapp connection from nigeria is activ, – nice to know that now!

Great job!

wowapp nigeria
WowApp registered from nigeria and activ