WowApp – English Version – Short Description

WowApp - How to switch the language
WowApp – How to change the language


What is the WowApp Messenger App?

The WowApp Messenger is an application which allows you to share messages with your friends, while watching ads and earn a little bit money – you can payout or doing good with it and spend it to the charities in the network! over 70% of the revenue made in the network is shared with the community


Why to join the WowApp´?

First of all: WowApp is free. You can simply use it as a free messenger and if you like – thats all!

But remember, that WowApp shares over 70% of the revenue/margin with you.

You can donate from what you earn to one of the twotausend charitie organisations in many countries all over the world or you can decide to cash out for yourself. The Choice is on You!

Now the features coming with the WowApp network are amazing and you will really love it!

You can use the private Mode of the app and get privacy features where messages, files and sharing videos are deleted automatically when you end the chat. They are deleted on the server – so nobody can restore it later. Fantastic!

You can call worldwide at the lowest rates and have a Free  WowApp to WowApp video and audio calls. So when you a using the wireless LAN at home – you can use the WowApp 4 videochatting and calls to your friends – if they also use the wowapp.

You will earn real money with nothing to do but only watching ads while you socialize

Remember:  WowApp  shares over 70% of the revenue with the community 🙂


Now you have the choice what to do with the money you earned. You can use your earnings to do good through Charity @ 2000 Charities in 110 countries possible! Or: You can cash out for yourself. It´s possible to your bank account, your credit card or your PayPal account.

WowApp is Completely Free to use!

The completely Free WowApp is free to use. But you can earn with the app.


What are the Earnings of the WowApp?


You will get rewarded for everything you and your network do in  WowApp up to 8 levels deep. So if you invite a lot of friends, the wowapp network will rise and you personal account balance will also do.  WowApp is sharing about 70% of the revenue/margin with the useres like you. But you can choose to donate or cash out.

The WowCoins can be converted to real money. 1