What is the wowapp and how do I register 4 free?

What is the WowApp?

WowApp is a little bit like a Skype/WhatsApp mixture. The Best of both – thats WowApp!

Why join WowApp now?

First of all: WowApp is free!
Second: It shares over 70% of its own revenue/margin with you!

You can decide what you will do with the earnings of your WowApp account. You can easyli donate to one of the 2,000 Charities in 110 countries or if you will – you can cash out your wowapp balances for yourself. It´s your Choice!
What’s unique about WowApp?
These are the most amazing features of the WowApp
1. You can earn automatically while you socialize

2. WowApp shares over 70% of the own revenue with the community – Yeah!!

3. Use the own earnings as you prefer – doing good through Charity or cash out 4 yourself benefit!

4. You can cash out the earnings from your WowApp account to your bank account, credit card or even PayPal

5. Playing Games on the WowApp while earning money – Yes – it´s real! You can do that!

6. You like to have worldwide communications at the lowest rate? You´ll get it with WowApp

7. Free calls from WowApp to WowApp with audio and video calls

8. Business calls from WowApp Groups – you can manage your Team easily!

9. Synchronize all your communication from your desktop pc, ipad, ipod, android or your mac! – Automatically!

10. Private Mode = The best privacy feature! – Your Messages are deleted automatically when you end the chat
This all is WowApp and you will discover even more inside the App – So let´s follow the white rabbit get into it for free!

This is how your start:

Register 4 free
– Set up your personel page und always use your own ID to invite friends!
– Watch all the video stuff inside – you will be loving it!