Earn with Webtalk Community – Webtalk Business Opportunity

Earn money with the webtalk business community

webtalk is a brand new business and private social media website that gives you a business opportunity for free.

Most important think to know is: webtalk is free, you can register right now and just invite friends and business partners to join and add you to their contact list.
If any member you have invited go to change his basic account to premiun, you will be qualified to earn 5 levels deep in the so called downline. Easy running business!
Just remember to go to your profile and fill up the sections to have 100% filled up to be qualified.

webtalk is a clever way to manage your own contacts- no matter if you qould like to manage business and/or private contacts


the webtalk business community official rules for included affiliate program
webtalk business community – affiliate program official rules



✔ Do your business without loosing time by controlling the content you see on webtalk community

✔ Real value with webtalk: Your connections can be breaked up with tags, notes and filtered by different categories like business/friends etc.

✔ You can organize your data and documents through the integrated webtalk file management system.

✔ Webtalk should also appeal to the professional user. So it´s designed to fit business needs

✔ Integrated Business Opportunity – just invite via link or mail to webtalk – no need to know more about that 😉


Social CPX – webtalk included affiliate program

Use your social networks, websites and email to drive traffic and income for life!

When you invite your colleagues, friends, family and customers to join Webtalk Business/Private Community, – all of them will be offered the monthly service upgrades – that are really amazing and some of them will join the premium service. So if they upgrade, you will earn a commission every month for life – just that simpel! YEAH 🙂

YOU EARN A 10% Residual Commission (*)

When your customers purchase a Webtalk Pro subscription starting at $30
per month.

YOU EARN A 10% Residual Commission (*)

When your customers purchase a Webtalk iMeet subscription starting at $30
per month.

Earn money with Advertiser Sales your refered to webtalk business community

Any company can purchase Webtalk ad space or run promotions to sell products. Soon, every Webtalk user will be able to sell products through Webtalk’s Marketplace. Whenever the people you invited to Webtalk make a purchase from an advertiser, or another member of Webtalk,
you earn a commission.

    Earn with webtalk a 10% Advertising Residual Commission

When you refer advertisers to Webtalk that purchase an advertising campaign.



   Earn with webtalk a 2%-9% Promo Ad Commission

When your customers buy from advertiser “Buy Now” ads.



   Earn with webtalk a 5% Digital Service Residual Commission

When your customers purchase a monthly service from a 3rd party ad.




    Earn with webtalk a 1% Market Place Commission

When your customers shop from Webtalk’s Marketplace or App Store.


This is How it works

Your one and only job as an webtalk Affiliate is to drive traffic to Webtalk Community website and then webtalk will do the rest.
Webtalk provides you with all of the marketing tools to be successful. The more influence and marketing power you have online, the more successful you will be.
You can send invitantions directly via email or refer friends and business partners to your webtalk profile and when they register – your affiliate ID will be submitted and you can lay back and wait for the commisions to come or – better idea: Refer more people to webtalk to earn even more!!


You will need to register now to participate in the webtalk opportunity right now!


Step 1 with webtalk: Drive traffic to Webtalk

Invite features, profile links and content sharing on Webtalk drive traffic.
You can also post banners and like/follow buttons on your website.





Step 2 with webtalk:  Book of business for life

Every visitor to Webtalk who becomes a member
because of you is your customer for life.






 Step 3 with webtalk:  Earn commissions on every purchase

Webtalk offers premium upgrades and advertiser
products to every user who joins Webtalk.

Be part of the new Webtalk Community

Become one of the first million members which will participate

Join for free and get the early bird benefits

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