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Beschreibung des Partnerprogramms: (laut belboon) (formerly seekparts24) – your online shop for quality auto parts, spare parts, car accessories, care products and tools.
The well-structured and easy to use store offers over 300,000 articles at fair prices.
A large network of European suppliers and thorough calculations make sure that the wide range of quality products can be offered at particularly attractive conditions. stands out for a low reversal rate!
We target owners and fleet operators of privately-owned and commercial cars, vehicles and trucks as well as garages and repair shops.
7 to 9 percent provision on sales and other advantages, such as e.
attractive advertising material, special conditions and individual creatives on request.
——————————————— HOW TO CREATE DEEPLINKS In order to creeate deeplinks for rexbos partner programme, please proceed as follows: 1.
`Deeplink advertising material`, which allows to create simple deep text links, may serve as example.
Upon retrieval of the code of the advertising material in your publisher account you will receive your individual tracking link.
For example: `` 3.
Please add the following extension to your tracking link: `/&deeplink=` 4.
Add to this (again without any spaces) the URL of the rexbo page that you would like to link to.
This is an example of a complete tracking link: `` ——————————————— rexbo GmbH based in Coesfeld (Germany) was founded in 2006.
On (formerly the well- established company runs an online-shop for car spare parts and accessories.
Customers profit from convenient order and payment processing.
In short, a top-class offer for a broad target group.
Looking for new opportunities? Go ahead with us now!
Contact: rexbo GmbH Dubravko Dolic Online Marketing Manager Tel.
+49 (0)80/312341140 Stand: 28.01.2016

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