New: Webtalk Community – Maintaining Private & Business Contacts with Webtalk

Webtalk Community

A clever way to manage your own contacts

Would you like a better overview of your social media contacts?

Would you like to be able to differentiate between business and private contacts?

Do you sometimes lose track of facebook and wish you better filtered news that you can see, so as not to waste your time with unimportant posts?


Webtalk wants to enter this gap and close it. So it should be possible to sort contacts with different tags and add notes to them. Business contact and private contacts can be distinguished and simultaneously managed on one platform WITHOUT having to create a second account. Sounds good right? Whether personal contacts or business contacts, Webtalk promises easy management of contacts of all kinds and has in addition for the first 1,000,000 users a big surprise. Webtalk wants to conquer the market and offer a real alternative to traditional community platforms.

✔ Control the content you see

✔ Bringing real value to your connections by breaking them up with tags and notes.

✔ Organize your data and documents through the integrated file management system.

✔ Webtalk should also appeal to the professional user.


As a token of appreciation, Webtalk offers the first one million users who help make Webtalk better known a share of 50% of the Revenue Share – which is distributed to the users – for life (Lifetime) So it pays to be quick to create a free account and immediately invite some friends, because the participation is distributed over several levels and a later partner program takes over the downline, so also in advertising revenues and conversions in premium accounts additional commission can. Watch this short video and instantly register on Webtalk to enjoy the participation reserved to the first 1,000,000 users.

(Attention: If an error message comes up – then please go to “Advanced” and “Allow insecure connection” – everything is still in the beta phase.)

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