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Hifi-Tower was founded in September 2007.
As a newly established company we saw an opportunity in the market and started our business with one clear objective in mind: to prove that it`s possible to offer a great range of outstanding products at prices everyone can afford.
We believe that DJ and Hi-fi equipment doesn`t have to be expensive and that`s why we are proud to provide our customers with high quality goods at unbeatable low prices.
We are now a market leader in innovative consumer electronics with over 70,000 items in stock all sold at very competitive prices.
Our top selling products include DJ and PA equipment, Car Multimedia, Home Cinema, Digital Cameras and Lifestyle products and we are continually adding to our range.
We take great time and care when choosing our products to ensure we continually meet the high standards our customers expect.
Your advantages with HiFi-Tower: – up to 10% per sale, – 100 days cookie-lifetime, – high shopping carts.
Advantages for HiFi-Tower customers: – free delivery, – 60 day cooling off period, – wide range of products.
Advertising Material: As advertising media a selection of banners and logos are available.
In addition, you can find a product feed (CSV file) among the advertising media.
Specific advertising materials are available on request.
Good luck with the promotion of our program.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
Contact: Björn Sumpf E-Mail: affiliate@hifi-tower.co.uk Skype: bjoern.s.bat

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