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bunited –  the Consumer Community Revolution

Watch the Video and Save the planet!

To be united brings more power to the comsumer and that will pay!

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Good idea!

The founder and CEO is Jim Jorgensen and he was born 1948 in Wisconsin (USA). He founded the AllAdvantage concept, which was one of the first “get paid to…” websites. Now BUnited brings more power to the end consumer with the idea of crowd-buying.

But not only the consumer will save some money, – Jim Jorgensen will plant trees and help to save the planet while the consumer has even the chance to earn money from this website. So this is a classical win/win/win Situation – but normaly hungry people have nothing to do with internet concepts.

This will change now. Paid to be United = BUnited maybe is the answer from the universum that looks down to us and sees, that a lot of injustice goes on here on earth.

BUnited is very simple and everone can join in minutes and even earn with a very small effort.

You can help bUnited to become the world’s largest consumer community by inviting your friends. Every friend will bring you some more earnings – bin no one has to pay anything here. The money comes from the companies that will be interessted in the big community and they will spend money to reach consumers as they always do. But now YOU will earn that money. Amazing Idea!

The Community Power of bUnited will negotiate lower prices for members.  The bigger the power of the bUnited Communityand, the more companies are required to take action and with the power of the crowd they will make our world more sustainable.

So in the effect, the product price will sink and you can save money on things that you are already buying. Maybe 10% or 20% or 30% – it´s all possible, because there is no man in the middle who gets paid.

bUnited Members will have more influence because they are united worldwide. So companies will have to react to the consumers needs.

You will get paid

Just invite friends to build and strong consumer community. Whenever your friends and their friends save on things they are already buying, you get paid.

Save the planet

After you register you free membership profile, you will have the option to invite friends with the already written text-messages and give them Your member ID or invite them with your personalized Hyperlink – so the members will count as your friends. And friends of friends will also count – isn´t it amazing? 5 Levels deep you will even earn from friend of friends of friends and so on.

The more you invited, the more you will earn and the more trees will be planted.

So that´s a real Consumer Revolution!

Inside your account you will exactly see your impact to the world in 5 categories:

  • Rainforest Saved
  • Water Delivered
  • Meals Served
  • Trees Planted
  • Healthcare Given

The easiest way to make more money is to invited more people. You can invite them via facebook or other communties or via email  or show them the website Bunited and help them register. But please do not use spam methodes to invite – because they are strictly prohibited.

There is no limit for invitations. More invitations means more people will join because of you and you will you will have an equally beneficial effect on the sustainability of our planet.

Everyone likes to help the planet, when helping is so easy.

And Everyone will love to help, when you will save money and earn at the same time!

bUnited will grow and the more members we have, – big companies has to make verifiable changes to fit into this new situation.

Questions and Answers can be found inside the account but here are some main information before you register.

Join the Revolution now!

How is the calculation?

It´s very simple. You will get paid for every new members that will join bUnited five degrees of separation from you – so you will only have to invite friends and if they are doing what you are doing, you will get paid. You can use the income calculator to find out what will happen if you refer 2,3,4, or even 50 friends and they will do and so on.

As b United grows, some of the first members will get paid early and will be able to withdraw their earnings, but first the community network will has to grow and more companies will join – so everyone knows that the money must be generated somehow – and the account is free – so it will take some time until everybody will be paid. So better don´t order you new sports car to quickly 😀  *joking*

But, where does the money come from?

Big companies spend lot of money to find customers and they calculate a higher price to the product. So for example a companie pays 1 $ to have one customer on the website, but it will be a chance of 50/50 to sell the product. So the companie will pay 1000$ to find maybe 500 customers. Every customer has to pay 2$ additional to the product price – because the customer always pays the bill.

With bunited the company is in direkt reach of millions of customers and they can save lot of money, so they can give 1$ dollar to each customer or make the product 1$ cheaper or even both.

That´s simple and it works.

The side effect is, that every companies has to react to the community needs when they will reach the community members. So the Consumer has more power when we will be united.

When the middle men will be cut out, there will billions of dollar become free to go right into the customers hand. You, as a Bunited community member will both – save money and earn money from the network. And if you decide to invite lot of friends, 30, 40, 50 or even more – there is only the limit you can imagine.

Is there anything else to know?

  • You don´t have to buy anything. 
  • You don´t have to qualify. 
  • You don´t have to pay for membership. 

Just join bunited and invite your friends and only if you like – do your shopping tour on the bunited plattform when it´s exist later in time.

Your earnings will not expire and you can cash out with PayPal, PagSeguro, WeChat, Alipay, PayTM, PhonePe, ACH, and SEPA bank transfers.

More payment methods will be added and you will get you payment in your local currency.


Join the Revolution now!