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Ambientshop is a vertically integrated design and development bureau for interior Lighting and illumination.
We offer customizable Designer Lamps which could be styled, shaped and scaled by our customers (Spread-Shirts for Designer Lamps).
Our product range includes amongst others `TERRIFIC TUBES` and `BULBS UNLIMITED`.
Both are systems which enables our customers to configure their personal and unique Designer Lamps in terms of colour, size, shape and design.
Supported by our modular structured product- and accessory portfolio, the average shopping cart, which checks out our clearly arranged web shop, contains goods around $ 140.
Affiliates who join our cost free program could earn commissions from 8 – 14 % on each web sale.
Find detailed information about the program and our breathtaking products here: Short description: BULBS UNLIMITED: BULBS UNLIMITED is a system, which transforms European standard Light Bulbs into various, spectacular Light objects.
Therefore Light Bulbs were linked together, like Lego® bricks, by simple snap buttons (press buttons).
A custom-built positioning device, “the Inkubator” maintains to fix the snap buttons on defined positions on Bulbs surfaces, by using a unique adhesive.
The chance to locate snap buttons on several different positions on Bulbs surfaces, guaranteed an Unlimited number of potential Light objects.
On our website customers could buy Construction Kits for making their own lamps or even buy complete Light objects in different shapes and sizes.
The ability to use recycled Bulbs for making amazing Designer Light objects, make our products sustainable and environmental saving.
Find out more about BULBS UNLIMITED and see our stylish Light objects made of Light Bulbs under: www.Bulbs-Unlimited.com Due to the open and creative mind set of our customers, we are looking out for competent and dedicated promotion and publishing partners.
Preferred Affiliates run strong websites attracting users interested in: – Design articles & Gadgets – Furniture & Interior – Designer Lamps & Lighting – Gifts & Presents – Graphics & Design – Do-it-yourself – Bargain Hunters – Penny Pinchers – Students – Urban Nomads – Recyclers If you are interested, you will participate in a profitable affiliate program characterized by: Commision: 8 – 14% per sale If Customers come again and generate additional sales via the sites of the affiliates, we will bonify our affiliates under pending commissions.
SEO: Is without any indications allowed.
Just the names of our direct competitors should be not booked as keywords.
Commissions are released on monthly basis.
Our modular structured product- and accessory portfolio, is responsible for an average shopping cart value of around $ 140.
All products are brand new, protected by copyright and were exclusively worldwide distributed by Ambientshop.

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